HDI Heavy Duty Industrial Compressors

With a legendary reputation for longevity, our HDI outfits are designed to give maximum value under the demanding conditions posed by a constant demand for compressed air. Our five year warranty, combined with ease of maintenance and proprietary lubrication system have made these compressors an ideal solution where compressed air is a critical component of the business equation. Available in many standard and special order configurations, including duplex and base mounted compressors.


Champion 5-10 HP Horizontal Mounted Compressors

At Champion, air compressor systems are our only products. We know and understand the application of our products in many different operating environments. Our goal is to provide you with the compressors that fulfill — and exceed — your expectations and requirements.


5/10 HP 'Heavy Duty Industrial' Compressor Units


Champion 5-10 HP Vertical Mounted Compressors

5-10 HP 'Heavy Duty Industrial' Compressor Units


Curtis Electric and Gas Compressors

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and durability with your air compressor purchase. That’s why FS-Curtis created the CT Series. These reciprocating compressors combine our signature performance and reliability with a simple industrial design, making them the most rugged — and affordable — compressors in their category. The field-proven CT Series will last longer in the same conditions than other compressors that claim 100% cast-iron construction but still use aluminum for critical components. For light automotive, light industrial and other applications, they’re the ideal choice.


Standard Features
• Magnetic motor starter
• Cast-iron 2-stage pump built to ISO 9001 standards
(except for 230/1 CT5 units equipped with motor
thermal overloads)
• Slow speed pump with V-belt drive
• Rugged NEMA motor with UL-approved
electric design
• ASME air tank
• OSHA-approved totally enclosed metal belt guard
• UL-approved pressure switch
• Automatic start-stop control
• Metal intake filter/silencer
• Manual tank condensate drain valve
• Dial read-out pressure gauge
• Loadless starting
• ASME-approved safety valve
• ASME-approved discharge valve
• Factory oil filled

Standard Features
• Heavy-duty 100% cast-iron pump
construction for dependable operation
• Slow speed design for extended life
• OSHA-approved totally enclosed
metal belt guard
• ASME-approved air receiver
• 12V DC starter with alternator
• Engine idle control
• ASME-approved discharge valve

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