Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Sigma Frequency Control

Models: SFC 18 to 250
25 to 335 hp
(18.5 to 250 kW)
Capacities: 22 to 1568 cfm
Standard pressures: 80 to 217 psig

Kaeser's Sigma Frequency Control (SFC) compressors combine our one-to-one direct drive compressors and revolutionary Sigma Control system with the latest in variable speed drive technology. Kaeser uses large, slow-speed airends with the optimized Sigma Profile. Airends are connected directly to a standard motor via a maintenance-free coupling for maximum transmission efficiency.

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Rotary screw compressor with direct drive 25-300 hp

Models: ASD to ESD series
Horsepower: 25-300 hp
Capacities: 72-1502 cfm
Standard pressures 80-217 psig

Optimized Efficiency
With Kaeser's one-to-one drive, the airend is directly connected to the motor via a maintenance-free coupling that eliminates transmission losses. Kaeser’s direct drive screw compressors deliver outstanding performance and increase energy savings.

Kaeser uses oversized airends specifically selected to produce the required output in flow and pressure. Compared to compressors using small, high-speed, gear-driven airends, the one-to-one drive provides significant savings.

Triple savings
- No-loss power transmission
- Lower power consumption
- Reduced maintenance and related downtime costs

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Rotary screw compressors with V-belt drive to 30 hp

Models: SX, SM, SK and AS series
Horsepower: 3 to 30 hp
Capacities: 4.5 to 124 cfm
Standard pressures: 50 to 205 psig

Versatile V-belt drive
Kaeser screw compressors with V-belt drive are economical, efficient and reliable. The automatic tensioning device ensures excellent transmission efficiency over the life of the unit and reduces maintenance costs. Screw compressors with V-belt drive are especially flexible if an increase in working pressure becomes necessary.

The energy-saving Sigma Profile
Kaeser's proprietary Sigma Profile is up to 20% more efficient than other conventional designs. Manufactured according to strict quality standards, these airends guarantee long operational life and outstanding reliability.

Sigma Control
The compressor control system features an industrial-based PC, Intel® microprocessor, and real-time operating system. Five different control configurations are available to precisely match compressor performance to air demand.

Automatic belt tensioning
The automatic belt tensioning device ensures excellent transmission efficiency while providing increased drive system reliability.

Cooling air filter mats
Ambient air used for cooling is usually contaminated with dust and particulates. Filter mats, through which cooling air is drawn into the cabinet, prevent premature clogging of the cooler and inlet filter.

Efficient separation system
Most of the cooling fluid is separated from the air by centrifugal action in the separator tank. Any remaining fluid is separated by a 2-stage separator cartridge. This triple action doubles the cartridge service life and reduces fluid carryover to 2 ppm or less.

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